Discover Tec diving and Tec try-dive

For the standard price of any two dives from your dive package

We love tec diving. We want you to love it too.

In order to celebrate being awarded with recognition from PADI as being a TecRec centre, we want to share our love of Technical diving with you!

From now until the 10th December 2019, we are offering the PADI Discover Tec programme as well as a try-dive using the Tec rig in open water in lieu of two dives out of your dive package.*

For example, if you want to dive for 5 days, you’d get a 10 dive pack for €330. For the same price, we are offering 8 dives over 4 days and a one-day introduction to Technical diving!

This offer applies to  if you make at least 4 dives during your holiday. The dive package prices are as follows:

4 dives: €164

6 dives: €228

8 dives: €288

10 dives: €330

*subject to availability

The Discover Tec programme involves an introduction to the basic equipment and ethos of technical diving, along with a dive in confined water to see how it feels when diving with it. During this confined water session, your instructor may introduce some of the basic skills to give you greater understanding of how the equipment works, and why it is set up the way it is.

Is that all?

NO, it certainly is not!

Once you’ve done your test dive in the pool, we’ll take you out on the boat to make a try-dive in open water using the new equipment! You get to experience what it is like to actually make a dive with the Tec rig while exploring one of our fantastic dive sites with your very own personal Tec guide.

Note: this introduction will not involve decompression dives, nor breathing mixes other than air.

If you have ever had any curiosity at all about technical diving then this offer is too good to miss!

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to take us up on the offer!

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