Dive in Tenerife? You need to know this!

Please read this – don’t get caught out!

Due to some recently enforced local legislation, there are some important preparations required for diving in Tenerife. This affects ALL divers in Tenerife!

Medical Clearence

From now onwards, all divers who come to Tenerife will be expected to fill out a medical questionnaire. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions on this form then you will be required to seek clearence from a doctor prior to diving.

The simple fact is that diving is stressful on your body, and a certainl level of health and fitness is required to participate safely. We strongly urge all divers to complete a dive medical once per year as a matter of course.

This medical check-up can be done here in Tenerife, but that service is not available 24/7, so to avoid missing out on dive days we suggest you to get it sorted before you come out on holiday.

Below is a list of links through which you can download the medical questionnaire for review, in a variety of languages.

If you would like this in a language which is not listed here then please contact us at info@aqua-marina.com

PADI Medical Statement English

PADI Medical Statement Español

PADI Medical Statement Deutsch

PADI Medical Statement Nederlands

PADI Medical Statement Français

PADI Medical Statement Polskie

PADI Medical Statement Dansk

PADI Medical Statement Svenska

PADI Medical Statement Norsk

PADI Medical Statement Italiano

PADI Medical Statement Suomalainen

Diving Insurance

All divers will also need to provide a copy of their insurance schedule, including coverage for Scuba Diving activities. We will retain a copy of this (hard copy or digital) throughout the duration of your holiday.

As ever, if you do not have this then we can organise it for you by the day, week, month or year.

Certification cards

Lastly, we will be required to keep a hold of your certification card whilst you are diving. It can and does happen that we need to present these cards to the authorities.

That’s it – you made it to the end

We really hope that this does not cause any significant inconvenience, and we look forward to diving with you again soon!

Thank you!