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Diving Tenerife with Aqua-Marina


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Last summer we moved into our smart and spacious new home in Hotel Oro Blanco in the centre of Las Américas. We look forward to welcoming you! Please note our new phone number: +34 922 194 689.


Diving Tenerife with Aqua Marina

The crystal clear water of the Atlantic Ocean, abundant marine life and dramatic volcanic rock formations mean that Tenerife diving frequently surprises and delights newcomers to the island. If you have yet to try diving here, a pleasant surprise and a very warm welcome await you from the Aqua-Marina team! The warm stable climate of Tenerife and water temperatures varying from 24C in the summer to 18C in the winter mean that we can offer year-round diving. We are open every day, making up to 3 dives from one of our RIBs.


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If you wish to start or further your dive education, PADI courses from Open Water to Divemaster are run on request. Instructor courses are also organised 4 times per year. Nitrox is available to those qualified to use it. If you are not already a certified Nitrox diver then we can train you in its use in just 1/2 a day. O2 is available to customise your mix or for divers using rebreathers.


Making the most of your trip to Tenerife

If you intend to enjoy other activities apart from diving, let us help you plan your stay and avoid disappointment. Capacity is limited on many excursions and car hire options - it's wise to book ahead. For more details click here.


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    We have all seen them, many know what they are for... But, surprisingly enough...a lot of certified divers don’t have one. Many don’t feel confident about handling them, and/or don’t see it as a important piece of equipment. This was my case too, until I began to work in the dive industry! A SMB serves for various purposes: ...
    Creator: Sandra

  • 16 Jan 2016, 15.01
     Moray eels have very poor eyesight and depend primarily on smell using their two paired sets of nasal openings (nares) to locate prey or mates or to avoid predators. Water passes into the first nare just above the front of the mouth and along a canal lined with olfactory sensors before exiting from the second nare located near the eye.Their gills are located on their sides, far beh ...
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  • 10 Jan 2016, 12.01
    Welcome to the first Aqua-Marina blog. As we hurtle into 2016 I’m just taking a moment to reflect on the past 12 months which have seen some extreme highs and lows for Aqua-Marina.The most significant change for our business has been the move from Compostela Beach to Hotel Oro Blanco, back in July. ...
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Latest entries in our Guestbook

Une belle semaine!
Je viens de passer une semaine avec vous et je vous remercie! 10 belles plongées! Épaves,grottes,nombreux poissons... Tout fut super! Bonne équipe , de vrais pros! Merci encore et à bientôt! Miguel 8)
Sunday, 01 November 2015
Duiken op Tenerife
Eind september heb ik 2 x 2 duiken gemaakt bij dit duikcentrum. Alle lof voor de begeleiding en adviezen. Nog nooit zo'n mooie, schone ruimte waar je kon omkleden, douchen e.d. Een aanrader :)
Monday, 05 October 2015
Great service and team
Hi! Thanks so much for the amazing diving and happy memories! Can't wait to be back! Anastasia
Sunday, 04 October 2015

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