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El Medano

El Medano is a small town very close to Tenerife’s south Airport.  This bustling seas-side town is absolutely packed with character. There are always people out and about enjoying the myriad bars and restaurants; soaking up some sun on the beach; or enjoying a coffee or a ‘caña’ (small beer) on the seaside boardwalk.

el medano tenerife

El Medano’s popularity stems primarily from its wind: a feature which might typically be expected to deter many visitors has become the biggest draw of the town! This wind has made el Médano a huge phenomenon with wind- and kite-surfers; with several large competitions in both sports being hosted in its iconic bay.

The development of several high-rise hotel and apartment buildings has had the effect of dampening this wind somewhat at street level, without deflecting it entirely from the coastal zone where the surfers jostle for space.

This wind – its strength and constancy – had caused the town to become world-famous among the wind-sport community. Today, strolling along the main streets in town you will experience a unique atmosphere created by the bizarre yet complementary fusion of traditional Canarian seaside culture with modern, energetic and youthful bohemia.

el medano tenerife

El Medano is most recognisable for the iconic mountain on its coastline – Montaña Roja, or Red Rock. Flying in to Tenerife’s south airport, travelers cannot fail to notice this impressive Red mountain protruding out to sea. This millennia-old volcano once stood as a separate island just off shore near the southern tip of Tenerife. The prevailing wind and tide caused sand and sediment to collect in the narrow passage between the two islands, eventually forming a land-bridge which built over time to create the huge curving bay of el Médano on one side and the relatively sheltered beach of La Tejita on the other.

el medano fishing boat

On a normal day, the multitude of colourful kites zig-zagging through the clear blue sky makes for a hypnotic scene as you relax in the shade of ‘Flashpoint’ bar, sipping on a cold drink and marveling at the surfers’ seemingly magical ability to avoid collision.

Things to do in El Médano

Learn to wind- or kite-surf at ‘Red Rock’, or one of several other surf schools in the bay.

Sunbathe on the beach and take a dip in the sea

Enjoy the cafes and shops along the main boardwalk

Turn up in the evening during one of the many town ‘fiestas’ to

Places to eat and drink:

Café ‘M’ for breakfast

Grab a beer at Flashpoint

Head to Manfred’s for a beer and some Nachos

Fine dining at El Templete

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El Médano

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