A New Year, a(nother) new Dive Centre!

Always improving, to benefit you

Aqua-Marina Dive Centre is celebrating our 20 anniversary in 2019! We are very happy to see that some of you have been diving with us since the beginning, and show no signs of stopping soon! This, more than anything, tells us that we must be doing something right!

Those of you who have been diving with Aqua-Marina for a long time already will know that, over the years, we have been constantly expanding and improving our facilities, to be able to offer the most comfortable experience possible to our guests.

Humble beginnings

We started with just one small, dark and damp room in an underground passage beneath a hotel in Los Cristianos. Within a few years we had opened up a more appealing shop-front directly above this wet-centre. Not long after that we had the opportunity to move our office and shop to a larger and more spacious locale, closer to the beach. At the same time we also took on another wet-centre – also closer to the beach – to reduce the distance our guests needed to carry their equipment to go diving. We kept our old wet-centre, but converted it into our air & Nitrox filling station, workshop and classroom.

A few more years down the line and we had the opportunity to buy out a neighboring dive centre – Wannadive – and so we took over their locales as well!

This was all very well and good for several years, but over time the building we were based within started to really show it’s age – and the owners seemed reluctant to invest in necessary refurbishments. This prompted our move to a different site a little over 3 years ago.

The big move

We are now located within the Hotel Oro Blanco in Playa de las Américas, about 2 km away from our old location. Our new locale was a blank canvas, onto which we were able to create our ideal dive centre. Over the past 3 years this facility has served us very well!

We have honed our schedule and procedures to ensure that our operation is as streamlined as possible. This has been possible thanks to the incredible team of Instructors and support staff who work here, who are entirely customer-focused as well as being excellent team players.

Happily, we have only continued to grow over this time, and have now reached the point where our new dive centre had become too small to fully realise our dreams and ambitions. Thankfully, we didn’t need to move again in order to find somewhere bigger: our next-door-neighbor is an empty locale, from which we have carved off a section in order to allow us to expand our footprint by approximately 30%!

Improving our facilities

Our increased size has allowed us to vastly improve our classroom – we now have a large, comfortable and completely modern classroom which will prove to be ideal for all of our teaching needs, but most significantly for accommodating our Instructor Development Courses (IDC) which run 4 times a year.

This expansion has also allowed us to increase the size of our shop – with the addition of a new comfy-seating area. This has been necessary since becoming the Canary Island’s official Tecline dealership.

We have also been able to restructure our toilet and shower facilities to make them both more comfortable, and with a more efficient use of available space. This has also allowed us to redesign the layout of our staff areas, equipment storage areas and kitchen facilities. Lastly, with our increase in technical diving activities, we have also created a zone which will be exclusively used for Tec equipment storage and preparation.

Exciting times

All in all, this is a very exciting time for us: with a re-vamped dive centre, an expanded team and an expanded range of activities on offer, there has never been a better time to dive Tenerife with Aqua-Marina 5* IDC Dive Centre!

We’re looking forward to showing you around soon!