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All you need to know about (TFS) and (TFN) airports.  Arrival and Departure Halls, Duty Free, where to eat and drink in Tenerife airports, car parking facilities and much more.

Not sure where to stay during your trip to Tenerife?  Then let TFS Tenerife Airport help you decide which location best suits your needs or requirements.  Check out their destinations page and accommodation in Tenerife.

Your first choice to find out everything you need to know for your arrival and departure at Tenerife South Airport.
  • We will guide you through the arrivals procedure.
  • How to request assistance.
  • Passport control.
  • Where to collect your luggage.
  • What to do if your luggage is lost.
  • Where to collect your car hire.
  • ATM machines at Tenerife South Airport.
  • Where the bus stop and taxi rank are.
  • Departure procedure
  • Shops and facilities at the airport and lots more
  • Up-to-date Covid-19 protocol at TFS airport

So for reliable, current information on (TFS) Tenerife South Airport and Tenerife look no further.

Tenerife South Airport