The ‘Love Island’ of Lithuania

In April this year we were approached by a Lithuanian Television production company who were in Tenerife filming a reality TV show called SALA. This show, it was explained to us, was most similar in concept to ‘Love Island’.

The idea was that several young, active and good-looking (naturally) contestants would spend a few months in Tenerife completing various challenges. They were scored on their ability to perform each activity, and the winner of each was the contestant who managed to find a mysterious hidden object.

This scoring system provided each of the winning contestants with various benefits (such as immunity from being nominated off the show, or getting first pick in which other contestants they’d like to date, etc).

The boys team were treated to an underwater adventure, courtesy of Aqua-Marina. None of the contestants had every been diving before, and each were taken through our PADI Discover Scuba Diving programme. Naturally, our in-house media experts – Splash UW photo and Video – were on hand to document the day!

The boys were split into two teams of three in order to learn the basics in the swimming pool from Instructors Ehab and Ben.

Having learned the basics of using the equipment and controlling their buoyancy, the boys were then taken out on our boat to the nearby Palm Mar Wall.

Unfortunately, problems with equalising his ears quickly forced one contestant to forfeit himself from the competition. The remaining five did manage to complete their dive and had an amazing time experiencing the wonder of Scuba diving for the very first time!


The winner of the competition that day was Nero, from ‘team Ehab’. Nero later went on to enjoy success as one of the overall winners of the show – naturally we think that this was primarily driven by his achievement underwater; don’t you agree?