Whale watching

…and diving

Whale watching and diving, you say?

Not normally something we can promise, but today we were treated to a rare and impromptu whale watching opportunity. Unfortunately, the whales which are famous residents of the waters around the Canary Islands usually prefer deeper water so we don’t often get to see them – our dive boat stays close to land where the dive sites are!

How especially lucky we were this morning, then, to spot a pod of whales on the way to the dive site!  It’s hard to tell exactly what whales these are – our best guess is Minke Whales, but if anyone knows better then please let us know.  It looked like there were three in the pod, of very different sizes – the largest was probably at least 8 or 9 metres long, and the smallest was probably around half that size.

What a special treat for all, and especially great that we had so many regular Aqua-Marina divers on board: Andy & Donna Coomes, Paul Cannon, Richie Boshell and first-time Aqua-Marina guest Joachim Welander.

They were not in a hurry, and we spotted them breaking the surface at least 15 times over then course of as many minutes.

Unfortunately they did not make an appearance for us during the dive, but this was special enough for us to never forget the moment!

Here are the highlights for you to enjoy:

Whale Watching in Tenerife

If you would like your chance to see these magnificent creatures in the wild, there are scores of boats dedicated to fulfilling just this wish.

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